Regenerative Masque

Our regenerative masque features Retinol (a.k.a Vitamin A), a highly effective molecule in reversing sun damage and signs of aging.

Retinols and their prescription cousins tretinoin and Retin-a have been shown to do great things for the skin, including treatment of acne, reversal of sun damage (photo-aging), improved skin smoothness and texture, improvement of skin discoloration, decreased fine lines, tightened pores and decreased inflammation associated with rosacea.

Retinol, regardless of the formulation, is the workhorse of any anti-aging regimen. By increasing cell turnover, it promotes new collagen formation, treats fine lines, evens skin tone, and reduces acne breakouts. In addition, it’s a potent antioxidant that helps to destroy free radicals, which develop in the skin as a result of sun, smoke, and pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will a Retinol Masque add to my treatment?

Adding a dose of Retinol deep into the skin after a laser or microneedling treatment basically “supercharges” your treatment. Allowing this superhero molecule to penetrate deeply into the skin allows it to act directly where it is most needed.  Applying retinol will help eliminate dark spots, shrink pimples, and smooth out fine lines while keeping new wrinkles from appearing.

What can I expect from a Retinol Masque?

Retinol masques will immediately cool the skin, leading to less discomfort in the immediate post-procedure hours. You should expect, however, that this masque will lead to more peeling and flaking after your treatment – as the Retinol does its work to shed out the older and damaged cells and grow newer, fresher skin underneath. You should also expect an additional day of redness due to the efficacy of this formulation. A Retinol masque can remain on the skin for 20-30 minutes.


Receiving regular medical grade skin care and aesthetic treatments is one of the healthiest activities you can do for yourself. At RESTOR Medical Spa, we have made it easy and affordable for you.