Antioxidant Masque

Our Antioxidant Masque neutralizes free radicals in the skin.

Free radicals are reactive molecules formed from things like the sun, pollution, stress, and smoking. Free radicals damage the DNA of the cell, which leads to premature aging and skin cancer. There are many antioxidants – including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Resorcinol, and many others. Application of antioxidants will decrease wound healing time, and help your skin get the most from your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will an Antioxidant Masque add to my treatment?

At RESTOR we use both Vitamin C and Resorcinol. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production and reverses cell damage, which helps keep the skin firmer and younger and even helps fade and prevent brown spots and pigmentation. However – some people are sensitive to vitamin C and can get a rash when they use it. For people with more sensitive skin, Resorcinol is a better choice. It does not have the same pigment fighting properties like Vitamin C, but better for easily inflamed skin. However – any antioxidant mask will decrease your downtime and reduce the redness after your laser or microneedling procedure.

What can I expect from an Antioxidant Masque?

Antioxidant masques are incredibly soothing and calming to the skin. Applying this masque after a laser or microneedling treatment will immediately cool the skin, leading to less discomfort in the immediate post-procedure hours. An Antioxidant masque can remain on the skin for 20-30 minutes, and you can apply additional masques every day for a week if desired to maximize your results.


Receiving regular medical grade skin care and aesthetic treatments is one of the healthiest activities you can do for yourself. At RESTOR Medical Spa, we have made it easy and affordable for you.