facial-aging-processNot all folds in the skin are caused by skin laxity. Typically, folds around the mouth and nose are caused more by loss of subcutaneous tissue and therefore treated better with fillers, whereas folds in the upper face, including between the brow and across the forehead, are caused by muscular contraction and therefore best treated with Botox. A free consult at Restōr can assess the cause of your wrinkles, and inform you about the best treatments available for them.

Generally speaking, the skin that is affected by laxity and sagging first is the skin which is the thinnest and most fragile: specifically the skin around the eye. The areas which are most commonly affected after this are the jawline and neck, because this skin has less to support it in its fight against gravity.

As the skin loses its fight against gravity, there are a few common places that you will see wrinkles appearing.

  • Brow ptosis (the forehead sags so the eyebrows drop over the eyelids, which then feel heavy)
  • Eyelid ptosis (the upper eyelid drops, sometimes even partially obscuring vision)
  • Loose folds of skin under the eye
  • Jowls (loss of jaw line)
  • Loss of neckline due to loose skin on the neck

When the cause of wrinkles in the skin is from skin laxity and sagging, there are multiple options to treat them. The same as a non-microwave-safe dish will shrink when you put it in the microwave, collagen tightens when it is heated. All skin tightening treatments work under the same principle. Some use radiofrequency energy (Thermage) or Infrared light (Titan), some use laser energy (fractional lasers, including Fraxel, e-Matrix, and Pearl), and some used focused ultrasound (Ulthera and Vaser) – but all operate under the same underlying principle of heating the subcutaneous tissues.

There are pluses and minuses to all of these different technologies, but when the right technology is used, very impressive results can be seen. In some individuals, however, noninvasive skin tightening is not enough. In this case, sometimes surgery is required to remove all of the excess skin. This can best be avoided by early, and regular treatments with noninvasive skin tightening technology. Come in to Restōr to learn more about your options!