dreamstime_xs_35879126What is Kybella? Quite simply, Kybella is the most exciting thing to happen to beauty in years! Using Botox we are able to remove wrinkles from the upper face. Using fillers like Juvederm and Voluma we have been able to restore lost volume to the lips and midface for many years as well. Now, after much anticipation, we finally have a non-surgical medication that can dissolve fat!

Kybella is FDA approved to dissolve the fat under our jawline (commonly called a “double chin”). Say goodbye to liposuction! Now, with a simple, non-invasive, 15-minute procedure we can permanently and non-surgically dissolve and remove your double chin and give you back the clean, elegant sweep of your jawline. Kybella is injected just under the skin using a very small needle –about the same size that are used in Botox treatments.

Patients typically require 1-3 treatments spread out 6-8 weeks apart to achieve a full result. Patients will experience swelling after the procedure, which will peak at 24 hours and slowly decease over 3-4 weeks as the fat gradually dissolves and is absorbed by your body… and did we mention – it is permanent! Call us today for your complimentary consult.