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Whether or not you’re into the idea of fillers, you have to admit—those before and afters are pretty intriguing, right? Keep reading to find out everything you’ve wanted to learn about fillers, whether you’re seriously considering it (no judgment!) or are just the slightest bit curious over what all the fuss is about.

What Are Fillers?

Fillers, usually comprised of hyaluronic acid, do exactly what the name suggests— they fill in deep wrinkles and restore volume to areas where it is lost. Some of the most popular areas to inject filler include lines and folds around the mouth—known as ‘laugh lines’ to some—in the lips, across the cheekbone and under the eyes. Overall, the goal is to look like yourself; albeit a slightly refreshed, softer version. Think of it like that Instagram filter that always makes you look fabulous – but in real life!


So how can you tell if a line or a wrinkle is a good candidate for fillers? I like to divide lines into two categories:

  • Fine Lines
    • Barely visible in the skin or giving a ‘crepey’ appearance
    • Due to a loss of collagen in the skin itself
    • Respond best to microneedling and lasers to rebuild diminished collagen
  • Deeper Lines and Folds
    • Etched into the skin
    • Require different treatment depending on location
    • Upper face lines are caused by muscle movement and are fixed by muscle relaxation (Botox)
    • Lines between the brows, across the forehead or around the edges of the eyes (crows’ feet) won’t respond well to fillers but are effortlessly erased through Botox
    • Lines and folds in the lower face (under eye area to jawline) are caused by volume loss in the tissues supporting the face, and can be fixed using fillers

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Where to Start With Fillers?

If fillers are best applied to areas that need to rebuild your support structure, then it helps to know where you’re most likely to see a breakdown. That place is the cheekbone. When support deteriorates around the cheekbones, our skin starts to sag, producing hollows under our eyes, lines around our nose and mouth, and the beginning of jowling.

Lips are another first place you’ll see signs of aging. Think of the lips of an elderly woman – they’re often very thin – or at the very least, quite a bit thinner than teenagers. Fillers aren’t just for giving you a plump pout though. They’re ideal for reshaping your lips, which tend to lose their ‘Cupid’s Bow’ shape over time and other refinement.

Still not sure if fillers are the right solution for your skin? Visit us for a consultation to find the best treatments to restore your skin to its youthful beauty.


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